Research Projects

 executor Title
Banafsheh Zeinali-Rafsanjani1. Utilization of the MRS data for delineation in radiotherapy planning
 Mahdi Saeedi Moghadam2. Assessment of the radiation dose delivered to the radiology stuff and mapping the radiation dose distribution at the end of angiography table in liver and double lumen and triple lumen procedure
 Rezvan Ravanfar3.  Evaluation of the accuracy of screening diagnostic report on mammography at the hospitals affiliated to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences From 2014 to 2015
 Mehrzad Lotfi4. Acuracy of Chemical Shift Sequences in Comparison with Gradient Recalled Echo Sequences to Estimate Hepatic Siderosis in Patients with Thalassemia, Iran, Shiraz, Saadi Hospital, 1395
Reza Jalli5. Determination the educational situation of different clinical departments of Shiraz University of medical sciences based on the survey of the medical students (2010-2011)
Parisa Pishdad6. Diagnostic value of Doppler sonography findings in neonatal hypoxic ischemic brain damage compared with clinic and MRI in neonates in hospitals affiliated to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1394
Alireza Rasekhi7. Assessment the possibility of radiation induced deterministic effects in the leg skin of interventional radiologist
Parisa Pishdad8. gray scale & color doppler sonographic evaluation of median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome, before & after acupuncture
Reza Jalli9. Assessment of the necessity of plain radiography requesting in emergency department of Namazi hospital during 2014-2015
Reza Jalli10. Assessment of the quality of portable chest x-ray in Namazi hospital during 2014-2015
Karemela Kamali11. To evaluation of the association among nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and visceral fat (by DXA) in obese adolescent patients referred Madar and Kodak for gastric bypass surgery in 1394
Fariba Zarei12. Association between the spleen size and etiologies of liver cirrhosis in patients undergone liver transplantation, from October to March 2015-2016,Namazi hospital, Shiraz
 Fariba Zarei13. Investigation of the Rate of Radiologists’Adherence to Fleischner Society Guidelines for Management of Pulmonary Nodules in Shiraz University of medical Sciences during the year 2014
 Fariba Zarei14. Assessment of patient and physician radiation dose during hepatic interventional radiology
 Fariba Zarei15. Assessment of patient and physician radiation dose during cerebral interventional radiology
 Reza Jalli16. frequency of mesial temporal sclerosis on the patients suffering from migraine headache based on brain MRI
 Sepideh Sefidbakht17. Investigating Olfactory Bulb Volume Correlation with MR Head Injury Score in Patients with Post-trauma Olfactory Dysfunction
Alireza Rasekhi18. Incidence of bile leakage immediately after percutaneous biliary duct stenting
 Alireza Rasekhi19. Evaluation of induced ischemia on the extend of coagulation necrosis of RFA
 Reza Jalli20.frequency of air-trapping in the victims of chemical war injury based on high resolution CT scan of chest
 Sepideh Sefidbakht21. Pacs-based radiology residency logbook, a feasibility study
 Rezvan Ravanfar22. Calibration of the Computed Tomography machine for the formulation of the DECT inversion algorithm
 Rezvan Ravanfar23. Evaluation of the relationship between CT-number, chemical characteristic of the scanned material and effective energy
 Rezvan Ravanfar24. Estimation of the effective energy and source spectrum of the Computed Tomography
 Rezvan Ravanfar25. Design and constraction of electron density phantom for computed tomography
 Reza Jalli26. Brain computed tomography scan findings in three hundred patients with blunt head trauma

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