Medical Imaging Research Center by employing experienced workers was established in 1388. In this center, collaboration with clinical departments and units of sciences and also in connection with other research centers such as engineering  and technology sciences, joint research activities take place.

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New articles of Medical Imaging Research Center in 2017 

1- ENABLE (Exportable Notation and Bookmark List Engine): an Interface to Manage Tumor Measurement Data from PACS to Cancer Databases

Outcome after temporal lobectomy in patients with medically-refractory mesial temporal epilepsy in Iran
Comparison of diffusion-weighted imaging and enhanced T1-weighted sequencing in patients with multiple sclerosis

Experience with Traumatic Brain Injury: Is Early Tracheostomy Associated with Better Prognosis?

A Useful Gadget to Reduce the Radiation Dose of Interventionist's Hands

Discernment scheme for paraquat poisoning: A five-year experience in Shiraz, Iran

Effect of low-level laser therapy on fracture healing in rabbits effect of low-level laser therapy on fracture healing in rabbits

 8- Comparison of Inching Electrodiagnosis Method and Ultrasonographic Findings in the Determination of Median Nerve Entrapment Site in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

9- Thyroid ultrasonography in differentiation between graves’ disease and hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Evaluation of a number of blood biochemical markers after radioiodine therapy in papillary thyroid cancer patients

Unusual Displacement of Urinary Bladder by a Dilated Rectosigmoid Colon on Bone Scintigraphy


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